Keller Mortgage

I can offer Keller Mortgage to my buyer clients and the buyers of any home I list.  So why is that a big deal? 

Keller Williams is a very unique real estate company that is always disrupting our industry by being leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Keller Mortgage is a perfect example of that.  There is no other lender that will process a mortgage with No Lender Fees – period.  They do not roll them into the mortgage, they do not raise interest rates, they charge no fees.  Many have asked how can they do that?  The answer is because they do not have brick and mortar locations all over the country and they do zero advertising.  The mortgage company was created to help Keller Williams agents sell real estate.  Why am I only 1 or 5 in the Greater Lansing Area that has access?  Because they are growing so fast they need to limit it to certain agents across the country as they grow.  Buyers are saving thousands of dollars per transaction.  So far, over 14 million in closing costs have been saved.

Click below to install the mobile app that will link you to your no lender fee mortgage: